Branding & Strategic Design for Entrepreneurs in Health and Wellness
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Wellness branding and strategic design
Brand designer for health wellness

Helping to Brand
and Boost soulful
business ideas

Design partner for entrepreneurs and providers in health, wellness, fitness and life coaching wanting to launch and grow new business ideas targeted to English and/or Spanish speaking markets.

Health and wellness entrepreneurs and providers that partner with Asistup benefit by accessing to on-demand branding and strategic design skills with insightful experience in engagement strategies.

This is how I can help you:

a) Designing a soulful
cost-effective brand
for your biz

Soulful Brand Design
Soulful branding design

b) Merchandise design
to help you boost
brand engagement

LadyBoss Merchandise Design
LadyBoss Merchandise Design
Strategic design partner

“Asistup is the result of my personal history and professional experience helping small and large healthcare providers, start-ups and solopreneurs launch and grow health and wellness biz ideas in both US and Europe.”

– Ana h. Gilfedder

Why work
with me?

Holistic Wellbeing


Asistup participates in US and European projects related to health improvement and lifestyle coaching. Over the years I have acquired real insight with regards trends in global population health, lifestyle engagement and technological advances to serve these purposes.

Practical solutions


I understand the challenges encountered by visionary entrepreneurs and this why I work under the motto that “less is more” striving to simplify processes and offer practical solutions that will save costs and headaches.



Get started now

Hop on a skype discovery call to learn about the work approach I use to brand your business cost-effectively:

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