What if I fall? but what if you fly ... let’s seek what sets our souls on fire


My talent and real vocation is to look into your heart, your soul and help to bring out the best in you

Wellness Brand Identity creator
Brand identity strategist, creator and stylist

Hello! I’m Ana, founder of Asistup and I’m here to elevate soulful entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners.

If you are anything like me …

You have gone through your own health, life or identity journey and have come out on the other side inspired to share what you’ve learned with others.


You don’t like conventional labels because you bring real-life wisdom and a holistic perspective that can really make a difference.


You want to live an abundant and free life following your passions, true vocation and being aligned with yourself.

Over the years I’ve helped entrepreneurs and companies with their branding strategic needs at all the different stages of the business cycle in both Spain and the US.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this ….

Follow your heart. Bring out the best in you and the right people will fall in love with you. The ones that you were meant to serve
Brand creator

You want to help people live healthier, happier, aligned. I help you build your soulful brand beyond the logo so you get to make a bigger impact.

Ana | She builds Wellness Brands


Ana is a brand identity strategist, creator and stylist. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches and businesses from around the world bring brands to life and take them to the next level.


With a background in business, branding, marketing and visual design, Ana has helped with the branding strategic needs of the largest health insurer in Spain, global visionary entrepreneurs, American strategic consulting firms and clinics in Madrid.


Ana is a current partner of engagehealthy, a strategic consulting firm in California specialized in innovative population health engagement and continues to help her family clinic to grow in Madrid.


In 2017, and after a personal journey of self-discovery, she launched Asistup with the dream of becoming the branding partner that helps soulful beautiful entrepreneurs and coaches who have a genuine desire to help people who are suffering.


Half Spanish and half Scottish, I will forever be so grateful to my mum for being such a wonderful mother and for teaching me English with a mild Scottish accent!


Fascinated by the complexities of human personality. An introvert-extrovert. I am an enthusiastic energetic type of personality and a constant thinker. I often drift and get detached. My mind buzzing with ideas from the moment I wake up.


A humanist who believes that it is our responsibility to lead meaningful, ethical lives that can add to the greater good.


An avid explorer that loves travelling, trekking, contemporary art, design in all its forms and real-life stories.


A full-time mum and step mum of three wonderful humans and a cat. Plus the love of my life …  And I try my best to get the right life balance. My values: family, health and living real come first.

Working on your brand and struggling to get it right?

Everyone has something special and unique about them that others love. I want to help you find what makes your brand different. What makes your brand special.