Holistic Brand Stylist for Health + Wellness Entrepreneurs

Brand identity strategist,

creator and stylist

Holistic Brand Stylist

Brand identity strategist, creator and stylist

Wellness Brand Identity Stylist

Hello! I’m Ana, founder of Asistup and I’m here to help change-makers and soulful entrepreneurs on their quest to help real people achieve healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

Humanist Brand Designer

If you are anything like me …

You understand people’s health, body and mind struggles. You’ve have been there.


You are a “feeler” and helping others gives you a sense of comfort and purpose.


You want to live an authentic life, driven by your big WHY.


You want to build a business based on a foundation of trust and meaningful relationships.


You want someone who will collaborate with you and can understand your vision.

She builds Heart Felt Brands for purposeful entrepreneurs


Over the years I’ve worked with entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry such as healthcare professionals, coaches, small clinics and large health insurance companies from both Spain and the US.


And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: Your skills, resources, and even your seductive techniques, won’t help you impact the lives of others if you are not honest with yourself and others.


Your business success depends on resolving and identifying “pain” and delivering a compelling and authentic experience from start to finish that helps you gain trust and loyalty.

Ana | She builds Wellness Brands


After completing her degree in Marketing & Human Resources Management at Strathclyde University (Scotland), Ana went back to Madrid to pursue a career in branding, visual design and communication. She worked on projects for some of the biggest renowned brands.


Eventually, Ana began to collaborate with studios and agencies to give her more flexibility to be with her family. She also started working on a one-to-one basis with clients with their branding and marketing strategies even helping one of her clients win an international contest for the 2012 London Olympics.


When the Spanish recession hit, she brought her marketing and branding expertise closer to home to help her husbands’ dental clinic serving international clientele in Madrid. For the past 10 years, Ana has actively taken part in all the decisions related to business development, patient management and care, branding and marketing. Thanks to her efforts, the clinic continues to thrive in a highly competitive market.


In 2013, Ana received a dream opportunity to partner with an American company to create and build a new brand and service for the biggest health insurance company in Spain. A brand aimed to reach out to five million people and get them to engage with a health and life improvement program.


This dream opportunity, however, coincided with her mother’s stroke which took her life. Ana believes this fatal end was the result of years of mental illness induced by low-self esteem, permanent stress and unhealthy habits. Her mother’s death took Ana into a life and identity crisis which led her to a personal journey of self-discovery in search of her own true identity and life purpose.


In 2017, Ana launched Asistup with the vision of becoming the branding partner for people with a real desire to help others who are suffering, and to build their meaningful brands to make a bigger impact.

Wellness brand identity specialist


Half Spanish and half Scottish, I will forever be grateful to my mum for teaching me English with a mild Scottish accent.


Intuitive, idealistic and an extrovert-introvert. Fascinated by the complexities of human personality and incapable of turning a blind eye to human suffering.


A humanist who believes that it is our responsibility to lead meaningful, ethical lives capable of adding to the greater good.


A creative, visual and emotional thinker that loves contemporary art, design in all its forms and great stories.


A firm believer that little details and kind human gestures can really make the difference.


A Mum and full-time stepmum trying my best to get the right life balance. My values: family, health and living real come first.