Founders of engage healthy

Ana is a personal branding genius! It’s easy to confuse the person and the brand. Ana lends her expertise to individuals and companies clarifying “person” first and brand second. Stop wasting time, fumbling around in an identity crisis. Be seen. Be heard. Be you.

ELISA STEWART. Lead, Health & Wellness Change Coach. MBA, BS, CCP COO, EngageHealthy (California)
Health coach and environmentalist

Ana’s guidance helped me gain so much clarity on what my core values are, and how they can be easily integrated into my mission, vision and overall business. She was spot on with her analysis of my character and values, undoubtedly due to the incredible tools she has developed to draw that key information out of her clients and develop their brand strategy. Ana is so friendly, warm and fun, working with her is a treat, and so so valuable to your business!

KATE MATHEW – Holistic health coach for women and environmental advocate (Toronto)
Nutrición holística

I had been “working on my brand” and getting nowhere, and the universe delivered! Ana has the incredible ability to get into your head and create the brand you wished was in there. Her style is absolutely scrumptious and somehow she gave me “me”, but stylish and beautiful. It was a pleasure to talk to her each time we met, the conversations flowed easily and the anticipation of what she would come up with was so exciting! I have a whole cohesive visual brand now that’s mature and fun at the same time, and I have the “rules” to keep me on track. The end result is a brand I’m proud to show off.

NATALIA DEL ÁRBOL – Holistic Nutritionist (Toronto)
Paz fundadora de Danza Interior

Ana is magic! She has a unique and incredible ability to help you help others and position yourself according to your differential value… She has a special talent to boost your brand and bring out the best in you. A fantastic experience. She is real pleasure to work with. I recommend her 100%!

PAZ CORRALES  – Expert in emotional healing and founder of Danza Interior (Madrid)
MAEVE Coach testimonial

Ana enlightened me and helped me gain clarity on who is my ideal client, and how to identify them. She really honed in on areas of my personality that I hadn’t thought of when defining who I wanted to work with and what role I wanted to play in their lives. Her open hearted conversation was easy to warm up to and I felt within a few minutes that I was talking to an old friend.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for clarity in their approach on how to build their business and of course, in who their ideal client(s) might be.

MAEVE O’BYRNE  – CEO at  Cumhacht Coaching & Consulting (Toronto)
Wild Ona

Working with Ana was the best decision we made in the early stages of our business. In the beginning, we were trying to create a unique brand, but like any new business we were looking at our competitors and I think we got lost. If our brand was a person then it had its breakdown point. We had to step back and start fresh! Ana helped us to uncover our true mission, to align our true values with those of our business, define our value proposition and find our brand voice, style and imaging. This gave us so much clarity and direction. I feel very excited and really recommend Ana’s service to anyone who would like to get clarity on how to create their unique brand!

KRISTINA MOTI – Founder of Wild Ona (Scotland)