Get clear, certain and confident with your brand

Let’s find your value, uniqueness and brand personality type. 

This service is aimed to help you answer the existential questions that all-powerful brands do before going to styling or to any marketing activity.

This is about working from the inside out to help you get clear on the real value of your business, why should your ideal target buyer trust and pay you, what your brand stands for and the role is going to play in the lives of those you want to help.

After you work with me …

You will get focus and understand what your brand stands for and what is different about it that appeals to others.

You will feel certain and confident about the real value that you offer for a specific profile of person: your ideal target buyer.

You will save time and frustrations because you will have a clear direction for your brand.

You will understand what brand personality type best fits you and business to help you build your brand experience, be coherent with your marketing efforts and consistent with your communications.

Ana helps health providers and wellness entrepreneurs

All powerful brands have something unique and special that others love. And that something is a combination of the value that they offer (emotional and rational) and its capacity to build relationships because the role that a brand plays in people’s lives.

The first step in defining your heartfelt brand, and therefore, of a business, is to identify your target buyer and the problem or aspiration you are able to resolve. Only this way you will be able to extract and understand the real value that you offer and be clear why should they buy from you and not others.

With brand coaching, I walk you through the steps to help you define your brand identity and extract your unique value proposition, your competitive edge and your brand personality type. This will become your compass that will direct the styling of your brand, thus all your marketing and communication efforts. Ready to find out more?

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