Branding for wellbeing

Get brand clarity.

Attract paying clients.

Feel valued.

heartfelt branding for health and wellbeing

Do you dream of living a life of real abundance?

That is, living a free life following your purpose and true passion: to help people who are struggling to live healthier and happier.

But it frustrates you when others don’t really understand how you can help and why they should pay you instead of your competitors. You feel undervalued and misunderstood.

You want to differentiate yourself, stand out and connect in a meaningful way that attracts genuine interest and not being perceived like another generalist or salesperson.

Wellness Brand Identity Stylist
Hello! I’m Ana, founder of Asistup

I help you build your brand so that it is clearly positioned

Over the years, I have been helping with the branding strategic needs of businesses of all sizes within the health and wellness industry from both Spain and the US.

My mission is to help you build a meaningful brand that feels honest to stand out, inspire and build trust with your ideal target client.

A brand that comes from your heart is aligned with you, your story, the real value that your offer and is purposefully built to appeal directly to the emotional state, needs and aspirations of your target buyer.


Get clear, certain and confident with your brand

Having a hard time finding the real value of your business?
Trying hard to position yourself in a credible way?
Struggling to define what your business and brand stand for?
You think your business could be suffering from “multiple brand personality disorder?

Don’t know where to even start with your brand?

Brand coaching for clarity

Build an experience that attracts and inspires trust

Don’t know how to visually project the real value of what you offer?

Trying hard to build a consistent visual brand presence?

Struggling to stick to one brand concept, theme and style?

Having a hard time to make the brand more “you”?

Client love



I believe in a collaborative process
working with each one of my clients every step of the way