Branding & design for Soulful Entrepreneurs in Health and Wellness
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Branding and design in health and wellness

Meaningful branding
and design in
health & wellness

Branding and design in health and wellness

Meaningful branding
and design in
health & wellness

You want to help people achieve better health and a happier, purposeful and more balanced life by actively taking care of their health and/or by coaching and guiding them.

I help you attract, connect and engage more with the people you want to help by designing your brand identity and engaging materials so they appeal to your ideal target, reinforce your brand promise, help you communicate, inspire and motivate.

This is how I can help you:

a) Designing a coherent
and meaningful brand

Mindful brand design
Mindful wellness brand design

b) Ensuring brand
consistency from
print to digital

Strategic design partner

“Hi! I´m Ana, and I have been helping to create, develop and take care of brands for over a decade.


At the beginning of 2017, I launched Asistup to help soulful entrepreneurs and change makers in their mission by taking care of the branding and design needs”.

– Ana h. Gilfedder

Why work
with me?

Holistic Wellbeing


Over a decade helping new, small and large companies with their brand and design needs, including my family´s international and successful dental health care clinic in Madrid.

Since 2013 I´ve been assisting and helping solopreneurs and large healthcare providers create, develop and launch new business ideas related to global health improvement and lifestyle behavior change.

Practical solutions

Simple yet

My work is characterized by being clean, clear, simple and meaningful to help boost your brand promise and guided coaching programs.

I step into your ideal client shoes to understand who they are, what appeals and motivates them to go from “inaction” to “action”, from “not trusting” to “wanting your help”. I create, develop and design around behavioral profiles.



– Ana h. Gilfedder

“You want and know how to help people have better health, improve habits, and a happier and more balanced life.


I would like to assist you by providing you with the visual impact you need that is in alignment with the message you want to communicate and the person you want to help “.

Let´s create a meaningful
brand to help you

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