This unique service is aimed to help you be clear on your essence, your inner potential and set your business on the right path… so you can grow better.

THE #1 prerequisite for business brand building & growth

Many intelligent, well-intended, soulful entrepreneurs, business women and coaches start their brands with no clear foundation.

They are so incredibly passionate and they want to progress along their authentic meaningful paths.

But somewhere along the way, they get lost, doubts kick in, AND what’s worse… they’ve invested money in design, web and marketing efforts when they still have doubts.

Sure, they might know a lot more now than at the beginning of their journey, but at their core, they are still feeling unsure, they’ve lost their initial enthusiasm and have no clear strategic direction.

Why? Because they unknowingly tried to bypass the single most crucial process for brand building, personal and business growth:

Getting clear on: Where am I heading?How do I position myself with authenticity?, How do I communicate what I’m all about? and Who will go with me? (AKA, ideal client who is tune with you)

And to help you move forward and achieve genuine growth, you cannot skip this process.

So what can this service do for you?

 Have a clearer direction cause we will uncover your personal and business brand essence aligned with your inner strenghts and personal values.

Get clear on your core Archetype to help you position yourself and your business with confidence.

Get your initial enthusiasm back and enhance your energy because you will get clear on who is the RIGHT ideal client and how to identify them.

Achieve better results and get closer to your heart desires because you will be more precise with your marketing and communication efforts.

These are just some of the remarkable benefits when you work on getting clear on the SOUL of your brand. 

Perhaps the most compelling thing is that you will gain clarity on how to move forward with your business. I’ve found this to be worth more than gold.

What do you get in the Business Brand Clarity Guide?

This service includes tests, in-depth introspection via questionnaire and a 1:1 60 min. consultancy video-conference call.

After you work with me you will have your Archetypal-driven brand essence report which includes strategic recommendations to help you express your true essence and connect with the RIGHT people in tune with you.



The Brand Soul Finder

I’m Ana Gilfedder, The Brand Soul Finder at AsistUp

Okay, so what exactly qualifies me as an expert to guide you? And can you trust me?

First, I have a decade of experience supporting entrepreneurs and businesses within the creative, healthcare and wellness industry – in both Europe and the USA – at all the different stages of their business cycle with their branding, marketing and communication efforts in order to achieve competitive advantage and business growth.

Second, my work process includes timeless archetypes because they provide valuable insights about you, your inner motivations, true heart desires as well as a deeper understanding of how you need to connect with those who seek for what you have to offer.


Apply for a first free discovery call with me, and I’ll let you know if I think I can help you and whether we are a good fit.