Ana Gilfedder Fundadora de AsistUp

I’m Ana Gilfedder

Archaeologist of the female soul and founder of AsistUp

Archetypes Consultant & Branding Partner supporting visionary soulful FEMpreneurs, business owners, visionary creators, mystics too 😉 ready to grow their online business aligned with their purpose, passions and talents.

Women who follow their dreams, seek personal fulfilment and give life to projects and businesses aimed to positively impact the lives of others.

Define your brand. Express your essence. Communicate value. Create your future.

Find out a wee bit more about me and my story… by scrolling down 🙂
Ana Gilfedder - fundadora de AsistUp


My formal degree is in Marketing, Human Resources Management. Specialized in Business Branding. Passionate about the studies of human behavior, Jungian Psychology, intuitive medicine. And I apply timeless Archetypes to help you ditch inner and brand confusion, express your true empowered self and define your brand. 


I have more than 10+ years of experience supporting businesses grow within the health and well-being sector in both Spain and the USA. Including large health insurance companies, wellness entrepreneurs, small businesses in coaching and health improvement and clinics.

Arquetipos y Marca Para Emprender Online


Remember when you were a little girl and they ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be many things. A curious mind, truth seeker, multi-passionate creative. Since I left University and especially when I became a young mum, my path has been characterized by a search to find my true vocation and a lot of effort for my work to be valued as an independent professional woman.

Until one day, “the career opportunity” appeared at my door. I was to be part of a beautiful project that would contribute to the well-being of millions of people in Europe. A project that coincided with my mum passing away which led me to start searching for answers about who I am, who I am meant to be and do in this life.

So I launched AsistUp… and although I have helped companies (re)define their corporate identity and their best competitive strategy for their positioning, I did incur doubts about my true mission and essence to align AsistUp accordingly and connect with the right audience.

And so I began a search for answers that led me to learn about the effects of patriarchy that so many women struggle when wanting to express their true essence and own who they really are.

Thus being from an international background, I am the daughter of a Spanish father and a Scottish mother living in Spain which had an influence too. As a result of my doubts, my business was stagnant because I was not clear about how to move forward with my brand.

Along my journey, there have been more changes, including the closure of a family business, relocating, soul healing, personal empowerment …. you name it! And now I am grateful for taking that first step… Because this is how I discovered my passion for the study of Archetypes to explore our hidden selves, personality and unconscious world.

Thanks to greater awareness and my study of the Archetypes I was able to understand myself more fully, accept my feminine-masculine duality, integrate my multidimensionality and come to peace by truly embracing who I am, the way I am and how I want to move forward with my brand, and business… with greater clarity and confidence.

I now help women who follow their dreams, gain greater brand clarity, communicate their essence, and define their best brand strategy to help them conquer their true heart desires.

Passionate about personal development, music, dancing, contemporary art, travelling, good food, great friends, nature, retreats! Well, what can I say? I appreciate beauty in all its forms and anything that brings joy and peace to the heart… I’m in!


Discover timeless Archetypes to define your brand, express your essence and grow your business aligned with your SOUL.


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