Branding Wellness Strategist Designer


Hi! I’m Ana Gilfedder, and I help you get brand clear and express your brand essence with confidence.

My personalized work method involves analysing your personality trends, talents, values, your ideal client psychographic profile and your core Business Archetypes to help you move on with your business in the right direction.

I support brave women entrepreneurs, biz owners passionate about helping women in their quest for wellbeing and happinessAND focused on creating more outward authenticity in your life!

Wellness branding


I’m Half Spanish and half Scottish (SpanScot!) based in Spain, and yes… you will hear me speak SpanGlish. A mom and step-mum (although I prefer the term love-mom).

I’m a born seeker of the truth, a creator and connector. I stand for authentic well-being (the one that starts within), the right to express your authentic VOICE (without fear). And a firm believer that a life without purpose is a life without meaning.

And I’ve been a business brand strategist and identity designer for over a decade.

But a few years ago, I had my own call to live-action. I needed to find answers about my own identity, my mission. My path of entrepreneurship is also my path towards my empowerment. During my journey, I became passionate about the study of human behaviour and Archetypes to deepen my knowledge about our biology, our essences. Know-how I incorporate into my work.

I now support brave women like you. Women who have decided to follow their heart desires towards a life of true freedom.

A personal growth junkie with a passion for music, dancing, contemporary art, travelling, good food, great friends, nature, retreats! Well, what can I say? I appreciate beauty in all its forms and anything that brings joy and peace to the heart… I’m in!

Wellbeing branding


My formal degree is in Marketing, Human Resources Management, Communications and Design… and I apply timeless Archetypes in my work.


I have more than 10+ years of experience supporting businesses grow within the health and well-being sector in both both Spain and the USA. Including large health insurance companies, wellness entrepreneurs, small businesses in coaching and health improvement and clinics.


I offer Archetypes Consultancy and Personality-driven Brand Strategy + Styling services.