Branding Wellness Strategist Designer


Hi! I’m Ana Gilfedder. First, I help you on your journey of self-discovery guiding you toward your authentic essence, virtues and talents.

And then I help you align your essence to the soul of your business to attract the right clients who connect with you.

My personalized work method involves reading your Archetypes, personality trends, virtues, values and extracting  your business core Archetypes that connect you and your ideal client.

I support brave women entrepreneurs, biz owners passionate about helping women in their quest for wellbeing and happinessAND focused on creating more outward authenticity in your life!

Ana Gilfedder


My formal degree is in Marketing, Human Resources Management. Specialized in branding (strategy + styling) and brand identity… passionate about the studies of human behavior and the collective unconscious. And I apply timeless Archetypes into my work.


I have more than 10+ years of experience supporting businesses grow within the health and well-being sector in both both Spain and the USA. Including large health insurance companies, wellness entrepreneurs, small businesses in coaching and health improvement and clinics.


I offer Archetypes Consultancy to help you understand yourself better, and Branding with Archetypes services for personal and business brands.

Authentic Branding


I’m Half Spanish and half Scottish (SpanScot!) based in Spain, and yes… you will hear me speak SpanGlish. A mom and step-mum (although I prefer the term love-mom).

I’m a born seeker of the truth, a creator and connector. I stand for authentic well-being (the one that starts within), the right to express your authentic VOICE. And a firm believer that a life without purpose is a life without meaning.

Since I was little I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be. A very curious mind and multi-passionate. I loved dancing, reciting poetry, decoration, Greek mythology, philosophy, art history… And since I left University my professional path has been characterized by a constant search of my place … and as a woman, I had to fight a lot to earn respect and express MY VOICE!

And after the loss of my mother I suffered an existential crisis that made me wake up. I decided it was time to finally find answers about who I am, who I want to become and what I can do with my life that contribute to the well-being of others. Finding a purpose that motivates me and fills me with joy.

So I launched AsistUp as a business facilitator… but I didn’t identify myself in that role. My previous experience in the multinational world plus many years of having to live under the dominance of a strong patriarchal system made me question loads about myself. And that’s how my journey of entrepreneurship turned into a journey for soul healing and empowerment.

During my personal growth journey, I became passionate about Archetypes to deepen my understanding of identity and essence. Knowledge and practice that helped me to align myself, clear inner doubts and give me the confidence I needed to be more ME attracting the right people who connect with who I am.

Now I help more women like you, who lead your project because they seek to create a life that makes sense. Live with purpose and being authentic. Brave women on their journey to their freedom.

Passionate about personal development with a passion for music, dancing, contemporary art, travelling, good food, great friends, nature, retreats! Well, what can I say? I appreciate beauty in all its forms and anything that brings joy and peace to the heart… I’m in!