Hey! Hola! I’m Ana

I’m Ana, a personality-driven branding coach, strategist, stylist, creator, wellbeing enthusiast… and archetype mentor.

Personality-driven emotional wellbeing branding expert

I HELP YOU FIND the SOUL of your brand and express it so that potential clients relate to you

I support passionate wellness entrepreneurs and transformational life coaches on a mission to help women with their well-being issues.

My work process involves timeless archetypes to help you get aligned and attract dream clients who genuinely connect with you.


When my mum passed away, I felt broken inside. At the time I was involved in a corporate wellness project for the leading health insurance company in Spain. So when the job finished, I decided I needed to take some time out to heal and do some inner alignment work.

During my personal journey, I was spending hours a day on Personal Growth and Human Behavior studies and practices. I had the urge to seek for answers with regards my own identity and finding my harmony. Thus I knew I wanted to contribute to the wellbeing of others somehow and decided I was going to find my place by venturing myself in the world of online entrepreneurship.

So I launched Asistup, initially as a business facilitator offering a wide range of services for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. To be honest, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to connect with (I wanted to help those with honourable intentions!). My lack of clarity and precision consumed a lot of my time, energy and money in useless promotional efforts.

During this time I got even more passionate about Archetypes. They helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself, others and inspired me to incorporate this knowledge into a branding process. I now help my clients find the soul of their brand and then express it so potential clients relate to them.

Wellbeing branding


My formal degree is in Digital Marketing, Strategic Branding and Design, and I have more than 10+ years of experience helping businesses with their branding and marketing.


And in most recent years, I’ve been working for the health and well-being sector for both Spain and the USA. Including large health insurance companies, wellness entrepreneurs, small businesses in coaching and health improvement… including my husband’s dental clinic.


❤️ I offer strategic branding and styling services to help your business grow better.

Wellness branding


I’m Half Spanish and half Scottish (SpanScot!) and yes… you will hear me speak SpanGlish. A mom and step-mum (although I prefer the term love-mom) of three incredible human beings. Based in Spain with my husband and our cat, Kyra.


A personal growth junkie with a passion for music, dancing, contemporary art, travelling, good food, great friends, nature. Well, what can I say? I appreciate beauty in all its forms and anything that brings joy and peace to the heart… I’m in!


Discover your smartest weapon in brand building to become a natural magnet for dream clients.