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Living well, living real

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Living well, living real

Founders of engage healthy

Adrian and Elisa are a husband and wife partnership living in California who took a gap year to create a new lifestyle engagement guide called Vimi. When they were working on Vimi they started collecting stories and they wanted a place where these got told and shared.

These stories inspire us, challenge us and help light up the path to living well one step at a time. We want to share, learn and not take it all too seriously. We want to live well and have fun!


This project is about “me”, “about you” and about “all of us”. Our struggles, our fears, our silliness, our mess-ups, our moments of joy and about the lessons we learn. It’s about life itself.


It’s fun, deep, provocative, silly, meaningful and gathers communal real-life wisdom from real people’s experiences in living life well.

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