5 keys to portray your authentic essence in your brand expression

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5 keys to portray your authentic essence in your brand expression

A frequently asked question I get by passionate clients who want to build authentic brands aligned with who they are is:

How do I show up?  

What parts of myself should I bring out?

 How do I portray what I’m all about?

This is completely normal. Because we are complex multidimensional humans. So there are many facets to our personality. We mean MANY things!

And I also understand where they are coming from. Many are in the process of figuring things out about their own identities.

Especially women! who have had to adapt themselves to please and play specific roles to fit in, conform.

But now, you are ready to step out with who you were meant to be to achieve your heart desires.


Your core business Archetypes: As a person, we have many Archetypes in our psyche because of our history and the many roles we have in our lives. If you are a loving caring mum, your “caregiver” Archetype will be manifesting. But as a business owner, your ROLE may be different in the lives of your clients. Archetypes carry meaning. Determining your core Archetype will help you define your brand essencce and express it to attract the right people who need and are IN TUNE with your Archetypal energy.

Your inner brilliance: The most positive virtues, abilities, skills and personality traits must be part of your brand expression. Your brand is not black or white. Nor should you force yourself to fit into any mould.

Your values: Those core principles that guide your life and your business. People connect with shared values. Having clearly defined your values will help you communicate with your content what your brand represents and what stories are worth sharing. Define 3 to 5 máximum that you want your brand to talk about.

What you stand for, what you fight for and what you will rebel against: Your brand must have a strong point of view and an ATTITUDE. You CANNOT, SHOULD-NOT please everyone. You must stand up, speak out to help you build your community of like-minded people.

Your brand STORY: Your story is driven by your main Archetype(s). Why you are doing what your doing and why should your ideal client care. And by the way, the stories that are the hardest to tell… are the ones that people need to hear the most.

Going through your life story, your biography is an effective way to read the most dominant Archetypes that have been supporting you, motivating you, helping you thrive and protecting you all of your life.

Your biography tells you which primary Archetypes are most dominant in your psyche.

They reveal your personality tendencies, desires, fears, motivations and core competencies.


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