Take charge of your brand destiny

Take charge of your brand destiny

Take charge of your brand destiny

I had a conversation with someone who said to me: Why do I need a brand? All I have to do is be myself.

Indeed. You are your brand. But what does “being yourself” actually mean?

We mean different things to different people. 

If I say the word  “mum”, experiences, feelings, stories, images, symbols, sounds, smells… will come up in your head. The word “mum” means something to you that could be different from what it means to me. 

When I think of my mum, I think of soft, caring, fun, loving, humble, giver, feminine, beautiful, elegant, piano, praying, cups of tea, sneaky chocolate digestive, Scotland.

And if I had to associate her with some form of description or tagline it would have to be: “Take your vitamins. They are good for you”.

My mum (RIP) strongly manifest the archetype the nurturing caregiver. That was the impression she left on me. But to others, my mum was a brave adventurous spirit, a good rebel, who came to Spain during Franco (dictator) years.

So, yes, we do mean different things to different people because of the ways others perceive us to be.

The same goes for your brand. You can be the loving nurturing caring parent to your children, the ambitious driven high achiever to your friends. And you… well you may feel that being yourself means something else.  

What do you want to mean in the life of your ideal clients?

You have the choice to decide what parts of you to manifest and boost in the expression of your brand.

It is up to you to how you want others to perceive you. Being always you.

How to start figuring out what you want your brand to mean and take control of its destiny:

  1. Grab your FREE Ebook here:

    Discover your smartest weapon to build a brand that is SO you  – and is a natural magnet for your dream clients.

  2. Create a visual collage board of what “you want to mean”:

    Symbols, quotes that inspire you, visuals, keywords that represent what you stand for.

Do you know which key archetype(s) are you manifesting?


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