This is Branding: sending the right light to attract the right people

This Is Branding

This is Branding: sending the right light to attract the right people

In today’s digital age… you are your brand.

And you, as a person, are the sum of many parts.  

Branding is about which inner qualities and brilliance to amplify to help you intentionally connect with the right people: ideal clients.

And ideal clients are real people whom you build a long-lasting relationship with.


Because consumers seek “more personal” but they can be very disloyal at the same time. 

We are all guilty of wanting the best deal.

You may create an amazing offer today to find out that your competitor has copied yours, perhaps even improved it… and at a cheaper rate.

So creating synergies, growing communities… RELATIONSHIPS are KEY.

In fact, we buy from other people based on trust and likeability. We can’t help it.

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve been following someone for a while, you like the sound of the offer, BUT you get on the clarity free call to… immediately feel that you may not be a good fit after all.

Or what about when you go into a restaurant and you get a weird vibe that just turns you off?


Archetypes are your smartest weapon to help you:

  • Identify your inner qualities, your inner brilliance and how to express that throughout your verbal and visual communications to help you BOND with specific profiles of people. That is, how to brand yourself.
  • Identify the psychological profile of the person (ideal client) that is naturally drawn to your inner qualities and that you too naturally get on with.

So here is an example. At my family clinic, we were positioned with the primary archetype: the “caregiver”. 

If you come from the healthcare industry, you will know this. You don’t get into medicine, healing, curing and helping others take better care of themselves… if you don’t have a strong caring side to your personality. 

The “caregiver”, therefore, was aligned with our business mission statement and throughout the entire experience offered to patients: caring, nurturing… and we turned the clinic experience into a “safe place” just like home.

From the deco and the people, we hired and trained. They all had the caregiver archetype brilliance within.

But, the caregiver is also the primary archetype that the majority of service quality-driven small clinics position themselves in Spain.

We wanted to attract more patients. We wanted to grow in an incredibly competitive and saturated market. 

And here is what we did. We decided that the profile of the person to attract had to be someone we naturally get on with.

I didn’t need to find the Clinic’s director (my husband) other Archetype patterns since it’s very clear he has a strong explorer within. Bit of an Indiana Jones ; )

Open strong-minded pioneer, adventurous personality who loves travelling and can spend hours talking about his adventures in India. 

The explorer Archetype is the energy that we amplified in all our verbal and visual communications blended with the primary caregiver.

The results? The light we send reached the right people. We attracted patients from around the world with similar Archetype energies. Travellers, family nomads and entrepreneurs with a strong sense of adventure. 

How do I know? I asked every single new patient that came in:

How did you hear about us? And why did you choose us? 

The answer: positive recommendations… and they were attracted to our vibe and energy on our social media, website and other communications.


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