The surprising truth about our brands

Truth about our wellness brands

The surprising truth about our brands

I recently helped a transformational life coach define the essence for his brand and during one of our branding sessions he explained to me that his purpose was to help his clients discover their own version of the truth (since this is of course relative) and set them free.

Those words really made a profound impression on me. Because this is exactly what I feel about how the branding process works and why I want to share with you the truth about our brands and an effective authentic branding strategy according to, well, me.

So here it goes:

Truth: All brands are an extension of the founder’s belief system and personality.

The reason for any brand existing in the first place comes from the founder’s passion and personal motivations: it depends on who we want to become and what dreams we hope to achieve.

Matching the value proposition, visuals and messaging to fit the aspirations and psychological motivations of your target audience is one part of the brand creation process. But not all.

Authentic branding also involves bringing the founder’s real essence and version of the truth onto the table as well.

An effective brand strategy means that your target audience is able to relate to your unique essence and version of the truth. They recognize themselves in what the brand expresses.

And here are a few beautiful words I found by Joey Palermo which talks about love and what true connections are all about:

I crave a natural connection, where my soul is able to recognize a feeling of home in another. Something free-flowing, something simple.

Some entrepreneurs and even big companies, may try to copy the brand personality of, for example, Nike (the fearless cool hero), Steve Jobs (the creative innovator leader), Oprah Winfrey (the heroic sage) etc… however when digging beneath the surface we realize that this is not their true, honest essence or personality type.

Others are more worried about expressing any degree of vulnerability or a less-than-perfect image of themselves. That is to say, they’ve been afraid of showing any weaknesses in their brand identity.

But what I have come to learn is that expressing our values and expressing the true essence of our personalities in our brands is key because:

We connect more naturally with those clients we want and are destined to help: We attract profiles of people who are in tune with our way of understanding life.

We inspire credibility and trust: We project greater transparency and proximity.

It helps us to define our marketing and visibility strategy to grow the business in the right direction towards our great dream.

It helps us stand out in highly competitive markets and position our brands with confidence: You are unique, that is your power.

…And most importantly, it helps us feel aligned with ourselves: who we are as individuals and what we stand for.

It sets us free to become what we love.